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'The Only ONE' Health Promotion Program

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'The Only ONE' ; Health Promotion Program(Health Check-up)


Catholic Kwandong University, International St.Mary's Hospital provid you a "Health & Enjoyment" Program which is include Medical Check up, Korea Medical Esthetics and Balance Park(New concept of combining sports and wellness)

O Medical Check-up : Physical examination and doctor's health questrionnaire / Genome test, Body composition analysis, Opthalmology inspection, Hearing test, Pulmonary Function test, Blood test, Urine Analysis / Cardiovascular Examination / Cerebrovascular Test / Respiratory System Test / Gastointestinal Examination / Detailed Male Health Screening / Detailed Female Health Screening / Counselling

o K-Medical Esthetics
1) Back(60 min) : Hinokki Tub + Back Scrum + Back Massage + Face Pack + Dr. Mari's care
2) Facial(60min) : Foot Bath + Facial Cleansing + Aqua Peel + Face Massage + SKINLEX Ultrasonic(or LDM Lifting) + Facial mask
3) Scalp care(60min) : Trapezius Massage + Scalp Scaling & Steamer + Shampoo & Aqua + Scalp Hair Growing Factoe Clinic(Nutrition Pack + Wash + Drying + Serum + Far-infrared Radication)

o Balance Park
1) Balance Sports Village : Experiencing variety of sports with uniform ; Improving collaboration ability and physical balance
2) Balance Stadium : Drawing attention and interest with show ; Improving Social Quotient(SQ)
3) Balance Medical Village : Healthcare Service through programed games